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Club Codex (December 2023): “Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak” by Charlie Jane Anders

Club Codex (December 2023): “Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak” by Charlie Jane Anders

Read and discuss the Locus Award winning young adult novel
“To be, or not to be, a legend” by Brian S. Pauls, 2023; Digital illustration created using Midjourney

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Still coming to terms with her decisions during a recent assignment, Corporal Siwela takes a leave-of-absence. Perhaps a holiday visit to her home community will help get her head straight. But the trip doesn’t go as planned. Marooned and wounded in the Martian outback, running out of air, Siwela won’t survive without aid. This wasn’t how she planned to spend Christmas.

Book Cover
Star Rider and the Golden Threads, by Heidi Skarie
While Toemeka is living in a secret dome-city for refugees, an urgent message arrives from Queen Koriann of Jaipar. Planetary-conqueror and sorcerer, Samrat Condor, is threatening to attack unless they surrender.
Toemeka goes to Jaipar, where she is reunited with Agent Erling Fenian, her former Coalition partner.
Can they save Jaipar together?

The next Club Codex discussion begins December 17. Our selection is Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak by Charlie Jane Anders. It’s the middle book of her Unstoppable trilogy. We’re starting this book late because the previous discussion ran long. Anders received the Locus Award for Young Adult Novel in June.

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From the publisher’s website:

Rachael Townsend is the first artist ever to leave Earth and journey out into the galaxy — but after an encounter with an alien artifact, she can't make art at all.

Elza Monteiro is determined to be the first human to venture inside the Palace of Scented Tears and compete for the chance to become a princess — except that inside the palace, she finds the last person she ever wanted to see again.

Tina Mains is studying at the Royal Space Academy with her friends, but she's not the badass space hero everyone was expecting.

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Soon Rachael is journeying into a dark void, Elza is on a deadly spy mission, and Tina is facing an impossible choice that could change all her friends lives forever.”

Here’s the discussion schedule for the rest of December:

December 17-23: Prologue-Chapter 32

December 24-31: Chapters 33-64

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I plan to post my thoughts on our current chapter selection to Club Codex each week. Join me!

This selection is the second book in a trilogy. You may want to read the first novel, Victories Greater Than Death, in advance.

Please restrict posted comments to the chapters we're discussing or have discussed. This will help protect other participants from spoilers. Thank you!

I look forward to sharing ideas with each of you.

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The first Club Codex selection in the new year is:

January: The Extractionist by Kimberly Unger

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