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The thief who could topple an empire

The thief who could topple an empire

Bethany Jacobs wins the 2024 Philip K. Dick Award for "These Burning Stars"
“They are watching” by Brian S. Pauls, 2024; Digital image created using Midjourney

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On the vast ring habitat Ouroboros, Jel and her synthetic companion Marcus search for Arja, the third member of their triad. This quest leads them to a cryptic technology cult with questionable motives. When they suffer a vicious attack, Marcus and Jel join forces with one of Ouroboros’most renowned computer and robotics experts to get to the bottom of the mystery.
This thought-provoking sf tale explores artificial intelligence, religion, and the ties that bind families together in a fast-paced story full of action, intrigue, and heart.

A reluctant thief. A caring robot. A death that changes everything.
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QUINN wants nothing more than to live a normal life after being rescued from the New Realm station. But when he and his eccentric friend Hana encounter Cass, he finds himself dragged into countless daring schemes.
Normal is no longer an option.
And with their most ambitious job on the horizon, the stakes are higher than ever. They’ll need to pull out all the stops—their lives depend on it.
TSUKI is a special PAC—Personal Assistant and Care—bot. Her unique personality chip allows her to experience the intricacies of life, including a wide spectrum of emotions.
Humanity is hers to embrace.
Through painting and taking care of her friends, Tsuki enjoys her life on the New Realm station. But she’s about to discover everything she thought she knew about humanity is wrong. So very wrong.
Neuracode: Part I is the first half of the prequel to Project Juniper, a thrilling YA/NA cyberpunk series written by Eris Goode.

Science fiction author Bethany Jacobs once taught sf and writing at the college level. Five years ago she left academia for the education technology field so she would have more time to write.

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On March 29, presenters at Norwescon announced Jacobs as the winner of the 2024 Philip K. Dick Award for her first novel, the space opera These Burning Stars.

From the publisher’s website:

A dangerous cat-and-mouse quest for revenge. An empire that spans star systems, built on the bones of a genocide. A carefully hidden secret that could collapse worlds, hunted by three women with secrets of their own. This is an explosive space opera debut from one of the most powerful new voices in science fiction.

On a dusty backwater planet, occasional thief Jun Ironway has gotten her hands on the score of a lifetime: a secret that could raze the Kindom, the ruling power of the galaxy.

A star system away, preternaturally stoic Chono and brilliant hothead Esek— the two most brutal clerics of the Kindom—are tasked with hunting Jun down.

And tracking all three across the stars is a ghost from their shared past known only as Six. But what Six wants is anyone’s guess. It’s a game of manipulation and betrayal that could destroy them all. And they have no choice but to see it through.

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Sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, and supported by the Philip K. Dick Trust, the Philip K. Dick Award is “…presented annually…for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States.”

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Congratulations to Bethany Jacobs!

She currently lives in Buffalo with her wife (and her dog!)

Have you read These Burning Stars? Do you plan to? Please share your thoughts!

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