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A larger pool of stories for "Probability Amplitudes"

A larger pool of stories for "Probability Amplitudes"

My upcoming collection needs a bit of headroom
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by Brian Scott Pauls

In September, I increased the expected word count of Probability Amplitudes. This is the title of my upcoming sf short story collection. I'd expected the published manuscript would contain about 40,000 words. Then I learned the average length for a Kindle science fiction anthology is 400-500 pages. This requires a published word count of 120,000, the revised target I set in September. But I’ve since realized I need an even higher target.

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As I mentioned in my previous post on this topic, I want to produce the highest quality work possible. This requires professional editing. And an editor might tell me to make extensive cuts, even entire stories!

I’ve budgeted 25% of the final draft for cuts. My publication target remains 120,000 words, so the final draft must have a word count of 160,000. This adds 40,000 words to the target I established in September.

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To get a visual depiction of my progress, I’ve created the following chart:

Pasted Graphic 2.png

The percentages above represent the following word counts:

New Material Required: 75,072 words

First Draft: 7309 words

Final Draft: 77,619 words

TOTAL: 160,000

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I’m encouraged to learn I already have over half the material in the "First Draft" and "Final Draft" stages. "Final Draft" means the first draft is complete, and I need to finish the final draft. It doesn’t mean the final draft is already done.

I plan to update this chart for future posts about Probability Amplitudes. Thanks for following along!

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